Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone

You know, this is a brand that I always like, and I never get many of these. I mean, hello - Purple Xing? GREAT color, but crazy name. I love the name of this color - Leaf Me Alone - and it's a great polish. Going slightly off topic - I wonder if they still have that pretty pastel blue, what is it, Oh Tiff? I need that.
Anyway, Leaf Me Alone is...well, it's a jelly creme. It starts off very jelly but builds nicely to opacity at three layers, but it's still squishy looking and lighter at the tips of my nails. This has to be my favorite finish, or at least tied with jellies. The color is a light yellow green, very spring and leafy. Awesome! I bet this would look great with a black crackle, too. I probably won't be able to leave it alone.

I've got a yellow by Nina Ultra Pro that I bet would look great under a crackle too, Like Butta? I hadn't tried it, I'm wondering if it's the same finish. Have a fantastic night! It's my night off, so I have a ton to do.


  1. Wow, I dont normally like green, but that colour is just gorgeous! :)

  2. Ahh, green is one of my favorites! It is a lovely color. :) Thanks!

  3. This is the color the made me fall in love with the cremes from this brand - and it's my favorite green so far.


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