Monday, February 21, 2011


I've nothing to show you this first post but I wanted to send out a warm welcome to Nightly Nails. I did a brief "About Me" page, but I'm terrible at those kinds of things, so it'll have to be fleshed out later. What will you see here? Late night manicures. Seriously, I work at night, so I do my nails at night. I'll probably be posting primarily at night. I don't do nail art - I suck at it. (and an aside: I love movie quotes, so when I wrote that I was thinking about Erin Brockovich.) But I love colors and textures, so I'll be experimenting a bit. I'll also probably throw in from time to time posts about indie soap companies - which is all I use - and makeup. I know I'll be including tips and basic supply reviews, such as removers, base coats, top coats, etcetera.
Anyway, thanks for joining me!


  1. Welcome!! Will be looking at all your nightly nails :)

  2. Aww, thank you so much - and for being my first follower, too! ♥

  3. Hi, fellow night shift worker! Cute blog, I'll definitely be following it. :)


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