Thursday, March 31, 2011

Essie Chinchilly and Newspaper Manicure

I've had Essie Chinchilly for quite a while now, it's an awesome grey/taupe (greige) that's a squishy jelly creme. Cooler than their Playa Del Platinum, and just as awesome. I thought it would make a great base for a newspaper mani - something I've been meaning to try out for a long time but before, with all my requirements I didn't have time to play with stuff like this.
Confession: I LOVE a good nude. I'm all about bright and obnoxious colors, but sometimes I crave nudes.
Anyway, this is three coats, I probably could have gotten away with two. Ignore the squish on the pinky finger, all my fault and I didn't fix it because I knew I'd be covering it up with newsprint.

And that's the result of my newsprint nail art. I used rubbing alcohol, and it does make it a tad blurrier, but I've no objection to that. I need to be able to squish the paper onto my whole nail, so I think wetting the paper is better than wetting my nail. Even though the middle finger is a flub - I had only half a nail covered with print so I tried to squish some on top - I kind of like how it looks. This is fun, and easy. Mind you I am LE SUCK at nail art - I think the next time will be just fine, considering this as a practice run. And I love it! It is easy, something klutzy me can handle, and it's so neat looking. I wouldn't mind finding some prints in books to try to transfer as well. Have any of you tried this?


  1. This looks great! I haven't tried it yet, but I think I'll have to. :)

  2. Omg that is so unique! I have never seen this before! Awesome! I wish I had longer nails so I could pimp something like this!

  3. @Solveig - oh, you should! I want to try it with different colors, too.
    @Tina - Really? I've seen a couple of tuts on it, I think it's awesome too. I think you could play with it, if you want! It's really simple.


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