Thursday, March 24, 2011

Essie Little Brown Dress, China Glaze Crackle: Crushed Candy

Long post title, eh? I'd been wanting to try a brown underneath the turquoise and pink crackles, so I picked up Essie's Little Brown Dress. It's yummy and glossy on its own, and I quite like it under the turquoise - Crushed Candy - as well. I tried different angles as well as straight up and down, I did sideways and diagonal. Fun!
Little Brown Dress is such a yummy dark chocolate shade. I LOVE browns, I know that's a little unusual, but I do have a thing for them, and this is a pretty one. It's dark, but it's obviously brown even in low light. And the application was nice - my luck with Essie formula has been hit or miss, but this one was divine.

Turquoise and brown, as well as pink and brown, are a favorite color combination for me.
And I'm a little backlogged on posting, I've been so busy with work I just can't keep up with anything I've got going on the side. I like my job, but I hate the hours - I don't think I'll last forever, at this rate. Well, that's an aside for you on a nail polish blog, but that does kind of explain my sometimes sporadic posting. Have a good night everyone!


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