Thursday, March 3, 2011

H&M Moody Model

Well, that was an unexpected break. I moved, and the internet service wasn't set up to be ready to go. (Mind you, they promised it would be!)
Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled program. Tonight I've got an awesome jelly creme teal to show you - H&M's Moody Model. Beware, you might want to use a couple of base coats for protection, this stained like a BITCH the first time I wore it. Using a couple of coats of base coat helped though.

Hot, right? Looks a little darker when not in direct sunlight, but boy, that's just luscious. I wonder if using a ridge filler would help as an alternative to regular base coat with the staining?
Coming up tomorrow is my first franken for this blog. I LOVE to franken jellies of unusual colors, and I just made a kick ass grey I'm in love with.
And this is weird. I went to add the label for this post, and it wouldn't let me use the ampersand symbol - but it let me use the plus symbol? *scratches head* Oh well, I assume folks will get the idea.


  1. Did it really stain on you? I'm puzzled. I wore my usual base coat and get no stain at all from this one (although I expected to). I wonder if staining depends the person or the base. I'm curious, what base do you use?

  2. Nathalie, it really did! I use Orly Bonder, which is your regular basecoat?

  3. My usual basecoat is Nubar Porcelain. That's what I used with Moody Model. I love OPI Start-to-Finish too but now I'm sold on Nubar. I know it's very HARD to find a great basecoat but so far Porcelain is a keeper for me.

  4. Hi Nathalie! Thanks for coming back and replying :) Nubar's basecoat is one I hadn't tried before, and I know people swear by the top coat as well, I keep meaning to give it a try, maybe I will pick up both of these. :) I rarely have problems with staining, but I've been trying out different base coats to see which will work best for my nails - obviously, everyone's nails are different, and I really haven't found a "holy grail" after over about 4 years of testing. The Orly Bonder is pretty good, though.


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