Monday, March 7, 2011

Sinful Colors Updates and Fly Away

Okay, so a swatch and some information gathering in this post. I haven't seen this anywhere on my usual reading list, so I thought I'd go ahead and pass on what I've got.
I'm a big Sinful Colors fan. They're $1.99 (USD) at Walgreen's, and now they're becoming more readily available at Rite Aids, although their display is considerably smaller than the Walgreen's core display section. Of course, you can now order them at Cherry Culture - sadly though, the Cherry Culture site doesn't have greatly accurate color drops. I digress, obviously!
They're cheap, they're big-3 free, and they have some pretty great colors and a mostly decent formula (there are some misses, but for the price...), I like the brush and the wear is decent.
So I get excited when I see displays. Often times, they have repromotes in the displays. However, this week I have spied a new display - Tropical Ecstasy, pictured below - that has a few new-to-me colors, along with some from what I'd consider the core line.
Pictured left to right, the colors are: Happy Ending, Fly Away, Fiji, Cloud 9, Cream Pink, Gorgeous, Big Daddy, and Let's Meet. As near as I can tell, Fly Away and Big Daddy are new? I think Gorgeous is relatively new as well.

I have also spied some new additions to the core display in Walgreen's. Below are the ones I've picked up - left to right, Hazard, Savage, Unicorn, and Nirvana. I think there are a few more, as well.

Hope someone finds this helpful/interesting for you Sinful Colors fans!
Also, I had heard that Pearl Harbor had been discontinued. For those of you still on the lookout for it, check your local Rite Aids - I found three bottles still leftover in one of mine! You can bet I picked those up, I love it for layering.

Okay. Enough news, I'll show you my swatch of Fly Away. Seriously, I was so in love with this color upon first swatch that I went and bought a backup, in case it goes away. This is two coats, and although I did use a top coat, it was shiny without one! It's bright and made of win. Maybe a tad deeper blue than pictured here, though. My camera freaks out on some shades of blue. I'd call this a jelly creme, so you know I love the finish. It applied like a dream, better than some so-called high-end formulas I've tried.

As you can see, I not only broke off my index finger nail this week, but I got an "owie" on my pinky. Dammit. Luckily my nails grow exceptionally fast, but this has been a horrible winter for my skin and cuticles, I can slather and slather my hands in lotion AND use cuticle oils faithfully, and still I get tears pretty easily. I'll be glad when it gets warmer.


  1. My RA has a SC display that never seems to get replenished. I'm headed out of town and plan to hit at least two Walgreens (we don't have one in my town) so I can get hooked up!

  2. I'm always happy to read a post that tells me what are the new Sinful Colors. They through them in with repeats and I can't remember what I have and what I don't.

    The For Audrey didn't do anything for me. However, this is a blue that I can go for! Looks totally grand on you! :)

  3. Hi, I just wanted to add that I bought Fly Away a couple of days ago. I put it on the other day and noticed that it matched the stuffed Cookie Monster I had in my car. It is the EXACT SAME color as Cookie Monster!! It made me love the color even more. :)

  4. I just picked up this color along with some others from the display last week! I really loved wearing it. I haven't seen that one on the end, Nirvana. Is that permanent or also from a display?

  5. Hazard, Savage, Unicorn, and Nirvana look great!! I'm a big edgy neutrals fan, so I need Nirvana!

    I think most of the Tropical Ecstasy line is re-promotes... I bought Big Daddy a good six months ago. :/

  6. I've had Big Daddy for a while so that's a re-promote but Nirvana and Unicorn are calling my name. I already bought Hazard I think too so if I can find the other two and the LE green flakey, I'll be set for a bit.

  7. @Shieldmaiden: I hunt down Walgreen's as it seems they vary with their SC displays! For instance, I still haven't found the St. Patrick's Day display yet here.
    @Kimberly, I know! I'm always on the lookout and feel like I should keep a printout of my SCs so I know what's new and what's not. I actually like For Audrey, but this blue is just miles beyond that!
    @Lux, you know what - that makes total sense! Haha, awesome.
    @ShaGlam - Nirvana was in the permanent display! Hopefully it will stick around for a little while.
    @Rebecca - I need to edit my post because Gianna from Nouveau Cheap did mention that to me, about Big Daddy! Yeah, apparently the only new one from that display is the blue. I loooove the look of Nirvana myself.
    @Coco, I need to find Green Ocean as well, I gave away my bottle and then didn't snag it again!

  8. I picked up Savage and Nail Junkie and layered them. I really did not like that Savage is matte so I layered it. Love it.

  9. I'm so glad they finally came out with some new colors. This one looks great on you!


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