Thursday, April 7, 2011

BB Couture Dragon's Breath

I had to take about a million photos of this before ONE came out clear - that would be the second one below. I went ahead and posted the first one so you could get a full on idea of the color, if you hadn't seen Dragon's Breath posted before. Although I'd be surprised - Dragon's Breath is BB Couture's top selling polish! If you'd like, you can click to enlarge - the second one, again, is the most clear shot.
This is a very red based purple jelly absolutely jam packed with glitter - four colors! Blue, silver, pink and red to be exact. BB Couture has about the best formula for jelly and glitter, and they have the most amazing colors. They're right up there on my list, somewhere just below China Glaze in fangirling, because of the color range and the jellies. This is awesome.
I don't often feature purple - it used to be my favorite color, but I think I got burnt out. I actually got rid of the majority of my purples and haven't bothered repurchasing them.

I do love a good reddish purple, I swear.


  1. It really is a stunner, isn't it. So glad I have this in my stash. It looks fabulous on you!

  2. I have a huge lemming for this one. I agree, looks awesome on you. :)

  3. @Chris, it IS a stunner! Thank you :)
    @Kimberly, you should totally include this in a BB Couture order, it's worth all the hype!


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