Monday, April 18, 2011

China Glaze Dripping Wet

Man, I hate that. Yes, those are sheet marks in my manicure. *sigh* And strangely, only on my index and middle fingers. I THOUGHT they were dry when I hit the bed, but obviously not so much.
Moving on. This is one of my favorite jellies, China Glaze Dripping wet. It's a yummy, deep wine jelly - halfway between red and purple. I layered it over China Glaze Ruby Pumps on my ring finger, I wish it had shown up better in photos but it's awesome for layering over glitters. It's a really nice jelly, you can see exactly how jelly by the lightening of the shade at the tips of my fingernails. This is a long discontinued shade, I think it came from the Patent Leather collection? That's all the info I could find on it - and I don't spy it on the bay of evil now. It's definitely a treasure in my collection. This is three coats, not bad for opacity.

There are SO many treasures I want from China Glaze that are discontinued.
I'm out of work for a couple days, due to the bad storms that blew through the Raleigh area over the weekend, so I'll try to get some swatches cranked out in my downtime. It's too dangerous to drive still in parts of downtown. There are curfews, for reals - Shaw University is sending folks home for the rest of the semester, and the National Guard is here, since the governor has declared a state of emergency.


  1. i haven't tried china glaze at all but i have been hearing nothing but praises about it. great blog ! xo

  2. Gorgeous color!
    -I honestly thought I was the only person who got sheet marks on their nails. I usually do my nails at night and I go to bed when my nails are dry, at least I THINK they are dry lol

  3. Well, holy crap, take care of yourself during all of this clean up and getting things back together again. In the meantime, and awesome htf color at least makes you feel a little good about what you have on. :) take care

  4. @LaVitaChristina Well, you'll hear that all the time here - it's my favorite brand! I utterly love it, and I encourage you to give them a try. :) Thanks so much!

  5. @FOREVER '92 It is, isn't it? Haha, yeah I've been using up some of my other topcoats, instead of my HG which is CND's Air Dry, and I've found that the one I'm using just NEVER dries. Ugh. Hate that!

  6. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes Thank you Chris! It's a huge mess here, and they say more storms are coming our way. Hopefully nothing as severe as last time! Fingers crossed.

  7. Wow, I hope you and those you know are safe, scary! And, I know what you mean about the discontinued China Glaze polishes. OMG should be brought back, for sure! :)

  8. Well isn't that such a pretty polish.
    And take care of you and yours. The weather has been crazy wacky lately every where.


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