Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funky Fingers Sand And Stilettos

I usually don't bother with a lot of photos - I used to be really in depth, but I've decided not to go that route unless I think it really warrants it. In the case of Funky Fingers Sand And Stilettos, it definitely warrants it! Funky Fingers is a brand I'd heard of but never seen in my neck of the woods, but I stopped by Five Below because I'd heard they had Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Night Lights for $2. They DID. I bought 2, one for a giveaway. More on that later.
Then they had these little plastic bins of Funky Fingers colors, behold - TWO glitter holo polishes. One silver, one gold. This is the silver. It's got a little tinge of pink or purple to the base, but I tell you, I thought I'd need to layer this - NOPE!!! This is frigging awesome. At one coat, I was drooling. If I'd been more careful to wait until it dried better, I could have done with two coats. As it was, I was impatient and then had bald patches. Fixed that with coat number three. This is not too bad of a topcoat eater - I used two and it was relatively smooth after that. It was a wee bit stubborn to remove, but I was patient and left my cotton balls in place for a good length of time, and then the glitter slid off - EVERYWHERE. Haha. Nothing a good sugar scrub didn't cure.
First photo is in low light outside - you can see it's even sparkly in the shade. The rest are in sunlight, including the macro I decided to include. I'll have the gold holo for y'all up next.

Okay, since I don't have glitter-phobia, this is frigging MADE OF WIN. I heart this so damned much. I need backups, because I want to see if it will work in frankening.


  1. I wish I could find some funky fingers lacquers but we don't have any store in the area that carries them. I'm not sure I'd go after this fabulous beauty because I'm not big on wearing something this holo/glitter/tastic. It is beautiful on you and beautiful in general. I can see why you are excited.

  2. I came here looking for an email that I could just shoot you a few lines and thank you for your comment on my blog-aversary post. I really appreciate you following me. And I enjoy your posts immensely.

  3. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes
    Hey lady, I should add a section for that - will do it tonight! :) My email is nightly.nails AT gmail.com :)

  4. Hello! This Funky Fingers is AHHH MAZING! Thanks for the photos, especially the last really close up one!

  5. @JQ Heyyy! :) It is, I lurve it, thank you so much! :)


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