Thursday, April 14, 2011

Layering: Revlon Emerald + Confetti Ice Ice Baby

Bad me, I forgot to get a photo of Revlon Emerald by itself - it is an awesome dusty shade of mid-toned green, maybe just a hint of yellow to it. I did get a bottle shot, below, with Confetti's Ice Ice Baby. I'm convinced this is a dupe for the now discontinued Sinful Colors' Pearl Harbor - both of which I've seen in stock all OVER the place. My local beauty supply stores, as well as Rite Aids, are carrying Pearl Harbor, and my CVS' are well stocked with all the Confetti displays.
I don't think I quite captured the awesomeness that this layered mani was, but it was definitely stare-worthy. You can click to enlarge the photos, if you like.
After a day of staring at this, I decided to slap on some China Glaze Matte Magic, and it came out SO cool. Please to be ignoring that weird shrinkage on my pinkie finger, I'm not sure why it happened.
I swear, I'm a layering fiend.

I just can't get enough of layering. If anyone at all is interested in seeing side by sides of Confetti Ice Ice Baby with Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, I'd be glad to post a picture.
Also, because I lol'ed so hard about the Confetti name:

Yeah, I'll leave you with that little bit of nostalgia for tonight.


  1. I had no idea that this Confetti was such an excellent topcoat. VERY COOL MANI

  2. Hey, don't be making fun of my man!!!! That song was a huge hit when it came out. LOL!!

    I know Confetti, more than likely, will not be coming out with more colors. They got a cease and desist order from their former company-Sally Hansen. So, I better look in my huge stash I bought of these polishes and make sure Ice Ice Baby is in there.

  3. I love this! I have both of these colors so I'm so gonna try it! It's so funny because I totally bought the Confetti just because of the name, and I had the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day :)

  4. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes It really IS! I love it so much. I had a feeling it might look a bit like Pearl Harbor, so I gave it a whirl. Thanks honey! :)

  5. @Kimberly Haha Kim, I'm really not - I'm from that age group too now! *wink* I'd heard the same about the C&D but my stores' stock hasn't seemed to dwindle!

  6. I know, I totally did too - I think that's why I was lol'ing about it! It just wouldn't quit. It's even better in person!


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