Friday, April 8, 2011

Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Oh Misa, how do I love you? You've got the best formula, the most durability, your bottle shape is awesome. Then, you come out with colors like this. ROCKS.
I think this may be a tad greener than pictured here, but you'll get the idea. When trying to photograph this, my hands kept showing up lobster. I hate that, because this doesn't give me lobster hands. I think this was the precursor to the mint green phase, although this is deeper in shade than the other minties. I remember a time when it was hard to snag this, it kept selling out!

What are your favorite Misas? I need to build that brand back up in my collection.


  1. Very pretty color on you. I own something like 2 Misa's. I know, its outrageously small considering they have such a nice selection. I just never end up getting them? Enjoy building your Misa stash.

  2. Man, this color looks GREAT on you!!!

  3. This is so awesome! I only own 2 Misas, but they are gorgeous. They are this one and A Sin Worth Committing.

  4. @Chris, they DO have a nice selection and I only have a few, amazing! Thanks.
    @Kimberly, thank you so much!
    @Solveig, it seems everyone's Misa collection is light, I think I had A Sin Worth Committing before!


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