Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Middle of the night ramblings. I've been adding some scheduled posts, but I just wanted to send a wave out to my new followers - thank you! Please feel free to say hi. I love to "meet" new folks!
Also, while I'm midnight rambling, I want to say - I know I'm brand new, but I plan on doing this from time to time.
If I don't have you on my blogroll and you'd like to be added to it, you can leave me a comment here and let me know. I'll be putting up these "add your site" posts up from time to time, because I love to see and read new blogs!
I went ahead and added the "You can click to enlarge any picture" to my sidebar, along with a link to the China Glaze Wiki, run by Jeannie of My Latest Obsession - as a fangirl, what a fantastic resource!
Also, if anyone has any contests/giveaways they'd like posted in my sidebar (again, I'm new...but it's worth putting out there) please feel free to let me know.
And I'm already itching to change the pattern for my header. I know, I just put it up, what a couple of weeks ago? But I saw another cute pattern. I get bored easily. I did make myself a new favicon, since the last one looked SO squished.
Umm, that's it. So, hi!! And thanks again for following, and for all the great comments. *mwah*

1 comment:

  1. Oh, thanks so much for the link, your support is so appreciated!

    And I love the moon in your current header! :)


I love comments! So thank you in advance for your thoughts. Please be aware though, that all comments are moderated, and link spamming will not be tolerated. If you'd like me to add your blog to my blogroll, you can email me at nicole AT nightlynails.com! Thanks so much.

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