Sunday, April 10, 2011

OPI Banana Bandanna

Are there really two n's at the end of bandanna? I thought it was one.
I LOVELOVELOVE this yellow. It's soft, buttery and squishy. This is three coats for this level of opacity and it applied so easy! Of course the first coat was streaky, but it leveled so easy.

Yellow polishes are made of awesome. What are your favorites? Do you wear yellow?


  1. Oh, wow, this is such a gorgeous yellow! :) I'm lovin' yellows and oranges right now!

  2. Is this permanent? from a collection? I've just never seen this and its a BEAUTIFUL. I'm rockin yellow nails at the moment too!

  3. @Chris, thanks!
    @Natalie, isn't it awesome? Me too!
    @ShaGlam, it's from the SUNbelievable collection, 2009. I don't know if it's permanent, but I found mine in an ULTA last year, I think. It's not listed on TransDesign, but I see you can find it on Amazon or Ebay, if your ULTA doesn't have it! It IS an awesome color, I actually have worn this quite a lot!

  4. This yellow is very pretty. I think for everybody :)


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