Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orly Pure Porcelain

So, I did end up going back and getting three other colors from the Orly spring collection. Pure Porcelain is a stark shade, mostly white just tinged by pink. It almost looks like a pale beige in some lights because of this, I think. It reminds me slightly of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Lavender Cloud, only not purple.
I like this color, but the application was troublesome. Streaky and hard to fix even after three coats? Meh.

It would be a nice shade for work.


  1. Definitely a beautiful, work-friendly color.

  2. I hate streaky polish and 3 coats and struggles to get it to look good - blah for me. But you did an excellent job and it looks awesome in your swatch photo. :)

  3. @Kimberly, it is!
    @Chris, well thank you so much! It is a bit of a blah, but I do like that shade, I hate I had to struggle with it.


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