Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Orly Oh Cabana Boy

Now THIS is my kind of pink - actually, this is one of my favorites. I like 'em steaming hot, did I mention that? And Orly Oh Cabana Boy fits that bill. This is almost a neon pink, dries to a satin matte finish. It has a blue sheen - I included a macro for better viewing of that, it's like a subtle blue shimmer that adds to the amazing that this pink is. Looks fantastic on toesies, too! Haha, I'll stop raving now. Two coats on this swatch.

Do you have this and love it? I found mine at Sally's Beauty Supply in the core Orly display, so it's pretty easy to find.
And if you're a nail blogger, or if you have a nail Tumblr, and would like to join in for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, you can click on the title or the image in my sidebar!


  1. I keep debating whether I should get this or not. Is it similar to any other colors?

  2. That is SOOOO pink it hurts my eyes. LOL ;P Nice job, I love it.

  3. @Ashley A. Well, it's similar to a couple of hot pinks I've had - but yet, not really. I think it comes closest maybe to Zoya Kiki in color, but the finish is different!


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