Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wet N Wild SPAM

I recently picked up a bunch of Wet N Wild polishes, because you know, they're cheap, and often they're awesome. They had some new ones, and some ones I had before, so rather than do a series of posts on them, I figured I would just show them all at once. You know, me being the wiz of efficiency, and all that. *cough* NOT.

First up is this squishy spring green with a secret shimmer - I want to say it's blue? VERY hard to tell and doesn't really translate to the nail. This is what I'd call a jelly creme. I really love this one, the shade is unusual. Umm, it's called Toss Me a LIFESAVERS.

This blue is similar in finish to "Lifesavers" in that it's a squishy jelly creme with a secret shimmer - this one is purple, it seems. Pretty sky blue - NERDS Need Love Too.

Easy Peasy LEMONHEAD Squeezy. By the way, the caps are what's printed on the bottle, if you don't have any of these and are wondering. This one gave me major trubs. This is three coats, and it never evened out for me. I'll give it a whirl again, as this one is somewhat warmer and deeper than my NYC Lemon Cream, and I love all yellows, so the shade is amazeballs.

Sunny Side Up is one I had before, and picked up again. I LOVELOVELOVE this dusty orange shade, it gave me no trouble. Again, a jelly creme finish.

Blazed seems to have been around for a while. It's an awesome, juicy coral. I'm repetitive, but this is a jelly creme.

So, as I mentioned - the formula on most of these was fantastic. But I guess everyone who tries yellows knows they can sometimes be problematic, right? I love all the colors though.


  1. Great picks, I am loving the blue and orange colors.

    Hold up, NERDS.. LIFESAVERS ..LEMONHEADS, am the last person to notice the candy theme?? -Great Easter post!! ^_^

  2. Lovely. Amazing how far .99 cents goes nowadays. :)

  3. I need to go and get the blue one,I have the orange (I gotta say I'm surprised how much I liked this) and the yellow which I haven't tried yet. the green reminds me of Mint Fusion, no? or Am I wrong?

  4. @FOREVER '92 Haha, the ones with the caps lock are definitely a theme! There was a tiny, hidden spring looking display at my Rite Aid with some of these colors.

  5. @MissMidnightBlue Mint Fusion! I wish I had that one still, I loved it. I think this one is a bit more yellow than Mint Fusion. They're not dupes, and now I'm sad, I want that one back haha!

  6. @jbrobeck Haha, don't those candy colors make you hungry?


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