Thursday, May 26, 2011

China Glaze Papaya Punch

I ended up picking up most of the China Glaze Island Escape polishes. I didn't plan on it, but I loved them - so I got all but the green shimmer. I don't think I need it. Since I'm doing the purchasing on this blog and not getting samples in, I really need to consider what I need, and not what I won't use.
I'll digress for a minute on this subject. I am not complaining, because honestly - doing swatches of new collections gets overwhelming, and you never have time to just wear what you want. So I'm not complaining! Nowadays, I can wear whatever I put my little fingers on, and that makes me happy. You get a little of everything here on NN, which I wasn't able to do as much when MM got so big. I missed that. Hopefully this way you're getting a good variety of polishes, and there are lots of blogs who do get the new collection samples in, so I know you won't be missing out on that.
This was one of the two cremes in Island Escape - the other being Electric Pineapple. This one was a little thick, and I haven't unpacked my thinner (read: it's somewhere and I just hadn't found it yet!) - so I had to work with it as is. You'll see I had a bit of a hard time applying it - but it did self level when it dried. This dried to a nice glossy finish, and I love the shade. As I was discussing with @MissMidnightBlue on Twitter, I've always loved the uglyawesome shades. Always. This is a dirty, dusty orange that is in the same family as Sun Worshipper from last year's neon summer collection, but not neon at all. Also, it came out deeper than it appeared in the bottle. I used three coats here.

And there's Papaya Punch and Sun Worshipper next to each other.
On another side note, I've always been a fan of orange polishes, so it's nice to see SO many coming out this year!


  1. I had this in my hand last time I was in Sally's and put it down. Don't really know why. Maybe I'll grab it, next time.

    I also buy what I like and think I will wear. My budget is tight, so I can't afford to buy entire collections (unless I get a score at Ross) or polishes I won't wear. :)

  2. Even with the thick constancy it looks good on your nails. I love this color, I wish I could pick up every color from this collection ^_^

  3. I love this polish! First I thought I only needed that one and then I bought the yellow-y too. :) I can't wait to get my hands on them! :)


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