Friday, May 20, 2011

Finger Paints Art You Wondering?

When I was in Sally Beauty Supply last week, they had a display of "new" Finger Paints polishes. I asked the ladies if these would be part of the permanent collection, and they said yes! I only picked up this glitter, Art You Wondering?, but they had some neat additions to the core polishes in that display.
This is a sheer jelly turquoise base packed with brighter, metallic turquoise glitter. I used three coats for this level of opacity - this is a top coat eater, so I did a sandwich and that seemed to help. This kind of glitter seems to be easier to remove than the thicker, chunkier sized glitter, because it's such a smaller size. There seems to be a fine emerald green glitter in the macro, as well.



  1. Holy Lacquer Bottles - what a spectacular lacquer!

  2. I love this polish so much! Do you know if it's the same as All You Need Is Color from Finger Paints summer 2011 collection? They look exactly the same in the bottle.

  3. @Sarahhow I think they're dead dupes! The permanent display collection also had a purple glitter dupe that looked like one from the summer display.


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