Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I just got this from Shadow of Shadow's Nail Art! How sweet, thank you honey.
Rules: Write ten facts about yourself, and pass the award on to ten bloggers and tell them about it.
Oookay, I'll give this a whirl.
1. I have dyslexia. I see words jumbled up, and I also hear them all mixed up! It's something I never realized until later in life. I think it's probably more common than people realize - because, as in my case, it goes undetected a lot.
2. I've lived in 10 states! When I was a child, my mom moved me around a lot - I guess it's a combination of early influence and the Sagittarius need to see and do new things, it carried on into adulthood.
3. I do believe in astrology, I'm quite interested in it. I'm a Sagittarius and I have 5 of my planets in that sign! That's literally called a fireball. Haha.
4. I can only snap my fingers with my ring fingers. I've never been able to snap my fingers with my middle finger. I thought when I was a kid it was something I just couldn't get - but apparently it's inherited.
5. I have big hands for a woman. Nothing dainty here! Actually, I'm large framed anyway. I wear the same size ring as my husband!
6. And speaking of the devil, I've been with my amazing Tony for 13 years! He's my best friend.
7. My super curly hair still drives me crazy. They say you get used to your hair, but I never have. That's why I chop it off so frequently.
8. I have always been a night owl. I SUCK at mornings. I'm good if I stay up all night into the morning, but to work a day shift? Miserable. I can't even get properly woken up until around 9 or 10 in the morning.
9. Other than being addicted to polish, and reading - I also love to cook. I LOVE food. Little surprise I was in the food industry for so long - I just had always wanted to have my own place, to do my own thing. Owning my own restaurant would be awesome - but it's such an iffy venture.
10. Everyone I've ever known thought I should be a teacher or a writer.
Okay, phew. I managed to get through ten facts!
I can't imagine I could award anyone that hasn't done this - so I won't tag anyone. But if you want to do this, let me know, and I'll link you! I love to read these. Thanks for the award, Shadow!


  1. i have dyslexia too! but only with numbers... i didn't figure it out until I was in college.

  2. @jbrobeck Girl. Numbers can be SUPER CONFUSING! Ugh. I can't play Suduko because of it. (sp?) It's horrid on my brain. But - I can do word scrambles??

  3. I am also a night owl! I cant function before 10am and it takes me a whole hour with 7 alarms to even get up and going at that time lol..


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