Thursday, May 19, 2011

Layering: Sinful Colors Summer Peach and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Sinful Colors Summer Peach is from the big neon display. I painted two coats over a white base, and of course, it dries to a matte satin finish. I would have slapped some top coat on and gone on my merry way, but I was looking at it, and wondered what it would look like with some flakies. Of course, out came the Hidden Treasure. I had FIRE on my nails! This was so awesome, I wore it for four days before I had to take it off, or go mad. That's some kind of record for me, honestly.

You know, I switched over to the new editor, and it still looks like it's compressing my photos at a lower quality. Ugh. Have any of you tried layering anything over neons? This was so much fun!


  1. Wheres my sunglasses? that's bright one bright polish! ;P lol This is awesome,I love it. ;D

  2. Most defiantly gotta click the pic to she all the goodness ^_^
    -GOSH, I wish I had Hidden Treasure.

  3. @FOREVER '92 I know, you get all the goodness that way! Haha. I love flakies! You could always snag Nubar 2010, it's definitely a dupe.


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