Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish Go-Getter Green

This is one of the LE shades that Maybelline puts out for their seasonal collections. I'm still debating if I really need that lime green shade, because I have so many - but I KNEW I wanted this spring-y green. It's just as gorgeous on my nails as it is in the bottle. It's awesome! It's definitely got some yellow in it. I used two coats here. My only complaint is the brush - so stiff, it didn't want to fan out! My other Maybelline brushes aren't like that, so it must be a fluke. I picked up three of the Maybelline Express Finish shades for summer so far, I am thinking I need a couple more, because I love the colors.
The finish of this is nice too - jelly creme, I hope that maybe y'all can see the lightening at the tips? This is so juicy.

Okay, these are similar shots - but I think in that last one is the best representation of the color. It's a mild discrepancy, but I wanted to show it to you. It's yummeh! I've snagged several polishes over the last week from new displays, I'll be trying to get them posted.


  1. super pretty! i just picked up two LE shades, Fiesta Fuchsia and Summer Splash for $0.99 each!

  2. Very cute lime green ^_^
    -Can't wait to see the other polishes you picked out !

  3. Oooh yummy spring. I haven't bought a Maybelline in Forever! I have to go hunting for this one!

  4. @jbrobeck Oh girl, you did good! Wow, 99 cents??

  5. @FOREVER '92 I've got a bunch of newer polishes to get through! Haha. It's a neverending task.

  6. @JQ I think the last time I snagged Maybelline was last year's spring collection, myself!


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