Saturday, May 28, 2011

Orly Here Comes Trouble

From the Orly summer 2011 Pinup Collection, I only wanted the two glitters. The first one I have for you is Here Comes Trouble, which has a very thin yellow green jelly base. I used three coats here, so it does cover pretty well, considering the thin base. It's absolutely packed with spring green glitter of two different sizes! Check out the macro. I LOVE this. I did have to leave my cotton balls on it for a good bit though to get it off - you may end up with some glitter on your skin during removal! It dries a little matte and gritty, so what you see here is with my CND Air Dry top coat.

I'm so glad I nabbed this! Did anyone snag the pinks from this collection too, or did you just go for the glitters, like me?


  1. I love this on's shiny and green which is always perfect!

  2. party green :D thanks for your advice on removing the glitter

  3. I just got the glitters, too. :)

  4. As pretty as this grass green is, I think I would save it for Christmas. Still, it is sparkly good. :)

  5. Every time I visit Sally's or Ulta store, I pick up the two glitter from this collection but I always put them back down --Your post is making me regret not buying them

  6. That looks great on you and I think that the name suits you, too. ;) :D

    I didn't get any of them, yet. I am planning to grab Bubbly Bombshell and the pinks, if my Sally's gets them back in. :)


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