Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pink Wednesday: China Glaze 108 Degrees

Oh, hello loverrrr. You are SO aptly named. HOTHOTHOT. Hot pink jelly glass fleck with blue flash? China Glaze, THIS IS PINK.
I know, everyone has already seen swatches of this. The collection just got to my Sally's, so I've decided that I need all of them except Cha Cha Cha. Now, that's weird because I'm obsessed with green - but seeing it in person it just doesn't appeal to me. Pass.
I picked up 108 Degrees immediately. Kellie suggested in my recent post on L'Oreal Pink Shells that they might be dupes, so since I wanted this anyway, I'd go ahead and swatch this and do a comparison.
A couple of things I'd heard before I bought this, and I thought I'd comment on my experience: It's thin. This one is a little thin, but it's a jelly so I've come to expect that. I used three thicker coats on this and got the opacity you see here. In these photos, my visible nail line (VNL) is more obvious than it is in real life. I've often found that if you prefer opacity in your jellies, that thicker coats are the way to go. Also, it's dupe-y to other polishes. It may be, but I haven't found one yet. I hadn't seen this comparted to No Way Jose, but to me it looks like it might be close - and if THAT is the case, well GOOD because I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet!

Pretty good macro, you can see the blue flash!  Okay, now the comparison shot:

Okay, so you can see they're not dupes - they're like, sisters in that they're both hot pink with a blue flash. Considering they're at a similar price point, I'd go with the China Glaze - it's just got a better formula. NO BUBBLES OR LUMPS! The finish on Pink Shells is different, and it's lighter altogether than 108 Degrees. 
So anyway, an awesome hot pink for Wednesday, and a little comparison as well. 


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