Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Revlon Black With Envy LE and P2 Crackling Silver Blast

Revlon came out with another LE Chanel copy recently, Black With Envy. If you hadn't already heard, Black With Envy is supposed to be a dupe for Black Pearl - see Mary of Body & Soul Beauty's awesome comparison! It seems the Chanel leans more green, and has more of a metallic finish. I don't have the Chanel and this has not made me want to go seek it out - but I do like that strong undercurrent of green. I do love the finish of the Revlon version. I used two coats here for my swatch, the pigmentation and application is excellent.
It also slightly reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Hit Me With Your Best Shot. I sold that off, so I cannot do a comparison, but the finish and color is similar in my opinion.
I recently received a care package (RAOK!) from Jeanette of The Swatchaholic. (!!!!!) She sent along so many squee-goodies, I have some swatches for you coming up. She sent me two of the P2 Crackling top coats, Silver Blast and Gold Rush. These are both lovely. I decided to top my Black With Envy mani with Silver Blast, and I thought it was awesome!
I just picked up a couple of the new Sally Hansen Crackle overcoats, one of them being the silver - Fractured Foil - and it's more glittery/shimmery and crackles a bit better than P2. Being a silver addict and a big fan of crackle top coats, I feel like I need them both, because they're definitely different!  Obviously, I haven't posted any swatches of these yet, but I will - in case anyone's wondering, the Sally Hansen Crackles are AWESOME.

As you can see, on my ring and pinkie fingers I applied the crackle a bit thicker. It's kind of a cool effect! 


  1. Yaaay! I am glad the package makes you happy and that you love everything! <3 :) *hugs*
    I have Chanel Black Pearl but it's still an untried. Oops!

  2. Excellent combo. I've seen this crackle color over everything and I like this best out of swatches I've seen so far.

  3. I have the P2 Silver Blast crackle too but only used it once. I think it is very cool on your pics, looks even better than the OPI SS in my opinion.

  4. @the-swatchaholic I do, I love it so much honey!! :D Thank you!

  5. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes Thank you! I think it makes for a very cool effect this way.

  6. @Sminkan I like this one, too! I actually like this one, and the SH one I just got.


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