Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revlon Spring Minis Part One: Butterfly, Moss, and Tulip

Okay, I bought this because of Moss. Dear Revlon, BIG BOTTLE OF MOSS, STAT.
I recently saw a cute display of Revlon minis - two different trios, and I snatched them both up. I'll post them separately - I meant to actually have this up last week, but other things just kept getting posted instead.
I honestly could pass on the other two colors in this trio. Butterfly's okay, it applied well and only needed two coats. It's a nice juicy orange creme. Tulip, however, I wouldn't have picked up on its own. It's a bright pink creme, aptly named - to top it all off, the application was UTTERLY ATROCIOUS. Not. Exaggerating.
But Moss? Divine. Greenish dusty khaki goodness, two coats - totally yummy and I love the name. Instant favorite!




Any of you pick these up? Love/hate??


  1. Sadly orange and pink are not my colors and I rarely wear grey - so I'd have to say I don't have any of them. However, they look adorable and fun! I can see why you were attracted to them. There is something about a mini that just makes me go "awwww" lol

  2. Girl, you just sold me on Moss. In the store, this looked like just another taupe (which as you know I do not need). Totally didn't see the green tinge to it. Now? I MUST HAVE.

  3. I just bought these yesterday and I'm wearing Tulip right now and I agree, atrocious application.

  4. Butterfly is so CUTE, Moss is probably my favorite also, and Tulip is so pretty! Great snatch. I just saw these today at Walgreens, can't wait to see the other package (:

  5. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes I totally went awww when I saw the little Revlon minis! I thought they were cute.

  6. @G. Hah! It's AWESOME. Probably one of my favorite taupes, ever. The green in it just slays me!

  7. @Madeline Glad it's not just me! I was like - WHAT IS THAT, HORRIBLE! Haha. I could seriously have passed. But Moss is divine.

  8. @FOREVER '92 Yeah, that other set is scheduled for tomorrow! I would buy this again, JUST for Moss. Haha!

  9. Butterfly is something I would wear. I would also wear Moss. I guess I'll be getting these soon. :)


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