Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wet N Wild Sunburst

Hey, Andrea! Here's a color that DOESN'T LOOK GOOD ON ME. Okay, so Sunburst is from the Bloom collection - something that took forever to show up in my stores! As a matter of fact, it showed up the same time as the Mermaid Cove in my CVS.
I picked up three of these pastels. The first I've got to show you is the peach, and it's so cute in the bottle. I think it looks awful on me. This is a creme, and it took three coats to even out. These little bottles have tiny handles, but it wasn't hard to adjust to.

Yeahhh. Not so much! I'm sure this would look cute on someone else, but I immediately took it off.


  1. I don't think this looks back on you. In fact, I am IN.LOVE with this colour! Thank you for the swatch, I was undecided on it until now. :) Following your blog.

  2. i was just at the drugstore and about to buy it and i was hesitant of the colour - i doubt this colour would turn out great on me but it's such a fun summery tone ;D

  3. I think it wouldn't look good on my either. So then, I wonder what skin tone with one would work on?


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