Friday, June 10, 2011

Confetti My Favorite Martian and Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Antiqued Gold

That's a long title, huh?
Confetti My Favorite Martian should be pretty well known to folks by now, I know it was really popular among green lovers, everywhere when it came out. I was on a no buy....well, forever and when I finally came off of it, I didn't pick it up for the longest time. I don't EVEN know why. I love this so much! It's an olive green jelly base jam packed with emerald green shimmer. Three coats here. So freaking awesome. You can kind of see that olive base color peeking out at the base of my nails, so this is definitely a yellow tinged green!

And since I'm not sick of crackle yet, I tried out the Sally Hansen gold crackle - Antiqued Gold.

Oh yeah, that came out awesome. The green is kind of oozing underneath that gold, haha! I love it. So, as you can see, the fluke application trouble I had with their purple crackle was just that - a one time fluke. I'd used it before with no troubles! And this one came out great. I kind of want to snatch up the red crackle now, as I don't have one of those. Also, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I want some of the new China Glaze metallic crackles coming out - they look super pretty!
As you can see, I'm not sick of the crackle craze yet. I know many folks are.


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