Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Essie Ruby Slippers

Oh, you little beauty you. I have been lemming Essie Ruby Slippers ever since I first started blogging (ha, oh, these many years ago!). And then all of a sudden, I found out that Eighty Eight Beauty had them for FOUR DOLLARS plus shipping. I was all over that. I had to have a friend lend a hand, but I finally was able to slap this pretty girl on my nails. It was love at first sight. Did it live up to the hype? Hell yeah! Huge shout out and massive hugs to Sierra.
So. Here's the thing - red nail polish is not my favorite. But there are a few that just call to me. Ruby Slippers is a red jelly that is just a hint blackened - especially not in sunlight, like these photos - that gets absolutely lit up by the gold glitter jam packed into it.

Isn't she a stunner? Yeah. Even the bottle makes me drool. It's a little gritty without top coat, but one decent swipe of that cures it.  CAN'T STOP STARING!
PS I've got a little owie on my ring finger. I don't even know HOW the skin got ripped there, but it did.


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