Friday, June 17, 2011

Focus On Yellow: NYC Taxi Yellow Creme

Okay, day six of Focus on Yellow!
Today I've got NYC's Taxi Yellow Creme. This cheap little polish has been around since I started blogging, back when I had MM. I just kept passing it up. Then one day, not too long ago, it disappeared from the stores in my area. I decided I better hunt it down while I could! It showed up in a Dollar Tree not long after.
This is a pretty bright lemon yellow, with gold shimmer. LOVE the color. As you can see, it's really streaky and the formula is thin. I read that if you left the bottle open for a few hours, it might help thicken it up and make the application better - I'm willing to try that because I love the shade and the shimmer. Three coats didn't seem to want to even things out! This is a little paler than Maybelline Sunshine and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.


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