Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish Blue Brilliance

Okay, we've had green two days running (it IS my favorite color!) so let's today. This is Maybelline Blue Brilliance, one of the LE Express finish colors from the summer (?) collections. I guess it could technically be from the spring they came out at the same time, haha!
Anyway, this went a lot better than the other color, Coralicious. The brush spread out, application wasn't chalky. It is a creme, but a little thinner. And what a pretty shade!

This was two coats. I've mentioned before, these do dry pretty quickly too - some of the "quick dry" polishes I've tried don't actually do that, so this is a bonus. This is without top coat, so it's nice and shiny! I think this could be cute as a pedi color.


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