Thursday, June 9, 2011

New York Summer Amaranth and NYX Girls Enchanted Forest: Jelly Sammich!

Okay, so "back in the day", Mary of Body and Soul Beauty sent me this AWESOME vampy jelly, China Glaze Dripping Wet. When I got it, she had a little note in it that mentioned it looked fantastic over a glitter - so, the first incarnation of the jelly sandwich! I had started seeing another version a month or so ago on Tumblr (which is a total addiction!!) in which you did a layer of jelly, a layer of glitter, and then another layer of jelly. SO much fun! I've been playing with these for a while but this is the first one I managed to photograph without messing it up first.
So this is a single coat of New York Summer Amaranth ( AKA - the most amazing green jelly, ever! ) and then two coats of NYX Girls Enchanted Forest, and then one more coat of Amaranth. Plus, CND Air Dry.
Yum, squishy glittery goodness!

GAH (I'm using a lot of caps in this post) I love this so freaking much I can't wait to do it again. This was awesome! 


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