Monday, June 27, 2011


I hate writing these kinds of posts, but apparently it's necessary, so I'm going to head this off before it gets out of control.
Link dropping on Nightly Nails is not allowed. Advertising your blog in my comments is not allowed. Such comments WILL be deleted and if you persist, I will blacklist you in my Disqus and you will not be allowed to comment on my blog. So please, don't do it.
I have posted several times - probably a couple times a month - in which I ask for readers' blogs, when I'm updating my blog roll. If you really want me to have a look at your blog, either EMAIL me - I do have a contact page listed at the top of the blog, underneath the title image! - or find one of those posts and leave your link there. I'm on Twitter, you can always send me a tweet - try interacting with me.
Spamming is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
Thanks everyone!


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I love comments! So thank you in advance for your thoughts. Please be aware though, that all comments are moderated, and link spamming will not be tolerated. If you'd like me to add your blog to my blogroll, you can email me at nicole AT! Thanks so much.

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