Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Revlon Pink Lingerie and NYX Dreamy Glitter

So, I'm posting this a little late, but as the ever lovely Diana pointed out - "Sailors and rare seabirds will still be celebrating Pink Wednesday." Isn't she awesome?
Anyway, I'm back online, and I have a cute mani to show off - and I'm not one for cute, but I LOVED this so freaking much. Pink Lingerie is a well applied creme from the Top Speed line. Okay, let's veer slightly off topic for the moment. In doing my "Focus On" series, I had a couple of Revlons featured and we discussed a bit the hit or miss formula that Revlon can have. I've noticed the Top Speed polishes seem to have a MUCH better application than the regular line - anyone else had this experience?
Anyway, Pink Lingerie. This was almost a jelly, it was pretty squishy - but it had such great coverage, I'd call it more of a creme or a jelly creme. I then topped it with one of the NYX glitters I picked up called Dreamy Glitter - this has THREE different types of glitter in a slightly pink tinted jelly base. There's fine square glitter, hexagonal glitter, and stars. *swoon* The slightly pink base made the stars almost meld with Pink Lingerie, like they were sunk into the base polish in some lights. Really neat.

The last photo for a good bottle shot of the glitters. So much fun!

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  1. I've yet to narrow down why some revlon shades have a better formula than others... But it's true, like night and day some of them are... Anywho, I love the name of this pretty cream colour and the glitter is really pretty too!!!'


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