Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revlon Colada Fizz and Sinful Colors Paradise

Okay, so I'm almost embarrassed to post this mess. But I've already warned you that Colada Fizz is sheer, so here goes (deep breath!):

Yeah. That's FOUR COATS. My nails aren't really that stained, but for some reason the sheer blue makes it look worse than it is. You can kind of see the tint of blue. There is the same sized glass fleck/flakie in this jelly, only this time it's straight silver.
Needless to say, I can't wear this on its own, so I decided to give it a whirl over one of my newest Sinful Colors acquisitions, Paradise. Here's Paradise on its own:

And then with Colada Fizz layered over the top. Well, that's certainly a better alternative. But - still it stinks. It's really overwhelming, the smell. And I don't have a sensitive nose! Paradise is gorgeous, though.


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