Thursday, June 2, 2011

Revlon Just Tinted

Okay, so I saw a post on Nails Beautiqued about the pretty Revlon jellies, the Just Tinted polish, I had to go and snatch them all up. I'd seen the display - but I didn't know exactly what they were. I'd meant to pick up one and give it a try, but I hadn't yet - after that post, I bought them all! These are sheer jellies, folks. To get these opaque with no VNL - I don't even know what that would take. I used three coats for all of my swatches, and I have VNL in all four of these. Also - these dry semi matte! I've used top coat on all of these, because I like my jellies to be shiny. Obviously. They're SO SQUISHY and JUICY though. Oh gosh, I love these.
Okay, so the first one is Dawn - orangey-peach.

This next is Desire. Bright fun pink.

Mystical - darker, berry/wine.

Victorian - softer pink than Desire, leans slightly coral.

I *love* these. I have been making jelly sandwiches with them. Dear Revon: we need these in many, many shades. Please, thank you! I have only two complaints: Why did they make them semi-matte? And, secondly - they're a little streaky. Especially Mystical. Nothing I can't handle, though.
So, have you guys spied these out? Did you pick any up yet??


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