Monday, July 4, 2011

China Glaze Señorita Bonita

Oh, Señorita Bonita, you are a hard lady to photograph. This is from the Island Escape summer 2011 collection - a red based purple with gold/red glass fleck. It's a little thin, but nothing three medium coats can't take care of - honestly, with three coats I never saw any VNL until I looked at my photographs.
Okay, let me be honest. For a while, I went on a purple burnout. When I had Magic Maid, I had TWO FULL DRAWERS of purples, the largest part of my collection. Then, when I had my huge blogsale, and I moved and left so many behind, I stopped buying all but a few purples. I was definitely sick of them. This, this has me back in love, swooning over purples again. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I really don't feature them a lot on Nightly Nails, and that is the reason why. I'm fully over my burnout!
Anyway, on to my craptastic photos.

A bottle shot and a close up of the finish. I literally took about fifty photos, and these were the closest I got - in other words, the ones that didn't look as blue leaning as my other ones. Isn't it a gorgeous polish though? Stephanie warned me that it would be playing hard to get in photos!
Do you guys have this and love it??

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  1. I regret I didn't get this one, it is yawdropping! I might be able to find it online though so all is good! Stunning...!


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