Sunday, July 17, 2011

Focus On Glitter: China Glaze Fortune Teller

You might have noticed that I hadn't featured China Glaze. I decided to save my favorite until the last. Fortune Teller came out for Halloween 2009, and I stalked my Sally's until the sales associate went in the back and brought me a bottle! China Glaze has a lot of amazing glitters, but this is one of my very favorites. First of all, it's from a Halloween collection - my favorite holiday. Second of all, it's a black jelly base with orange metallic hex glitter in two sizes. Awesome, it looks like the black is lit with a glowing fire! It's so cool.
I used three coats here. I've also got a picture of it matte - it looks GREAT matte. *swoon*

I recently found a couple bottles of Fortune Teller in my Sally's clearance section, so if you missed out on this, you might want to check your local Sally's to see if they have these! I'm really not sure why, but I couldn't get a good macro shot to show you - I think because of the bit of glare that was on my photos.
So, Focus On Glitter is over - did you have a favorite?


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