Monday, July 11, 2011

Focus On Glitter: Nubar Knight's Armor

So in February of 2010, Elaine of Lacquer Laine had a preview of the Nubar Fortress collection. I was chomping at the bit, because I fell instantly, head over heels in LOVE with Knight's Armor. Black jelly? Check. Square silver glitter? Check. Amazeballs? Double check!
This polish came to me in a swap with the ever amazing Jen of The PolishAholic (seriously, she's beyond awesome!) and survived the massive purge of 2010. Side note: Do your blog sales in small bundles. Not by the hundreds. It's nuts.
In these photos, it looks a little translucent on my pinkie finger - I really don't know why. I could not even tell that in "real" life, you can't even see that! Weird. I used two coats. *swoon* And yes, it wears like armor. How appropriate!

Yeah, that's made of win, right? I love that the silver glitter doesn't get lost in the black base!
Tell me, would you guys like to see my glitter removal method this week? I can do a brief post on it, if you're interested!


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