Sunday, July 10, 2011

Focus On Glitter: OPI Absolutely Alice

Well, let's start this glitter-splosion out with a bang, shall we? OPI Absolutely Alice was an LE polish, and I got my little paws on it again at a local drugstore called Kerr Drugs. They had all of the Alice In Wonderland collection EXCEPT Mad As A Hatter, and I looked at all the locations in this city. Oh well - I may find it eventually for a cheaper price than Evilbay.
Anyway, this is a dense sparkly royal blue and gold glitter that covers well in two coats. I did three here just to smooth out any spots I missed and slapped some top coat on it, because it dries just a tad dull. As with most glitters, this dries a little gritty but one coat of top coat smooths it right out. I'm going to encourage you to click to enlarge on all the glitter photos this week.

Bottle shot!

Macro. So shiny!

I'm only going to "torture" you with a few HTF (hard to find) glitters this week. I've got a fun line up planned! I hope you enjoy these. And once again, thanks for participating in the poll!


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