Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Focus On Glitter: Sinful Colors Frenzy

Brace yourselves. Tonight's glitter is only $1.99 at your local Walgreen's or Rite Aid. It's not limited edition, it's not hard to find in brick and mortar stores, and it's dirt cheap. Plus, it's pretty to look at.
Frenzy has a clear base and is packed with reddish purple and blue glitter. I used three coats here. My camera just DID not want to focus on this, it was so blingtastic. Sinful Colors came out with a bunch of glitters that are still available in the core collection - I love all of them! I think I have them all now. If you don't want to wear these as a full on mani, you can do a glitter accent nail with a regular manicure.

Of the two, I think the second photo is just a shade more accurate. You can see the light reflecting off of the glitter in my macro! Do you have any of the awesome Sinful Colors glitters?


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