Saturday, July 9, 2011

Franken: Into The Mystic

Okay. Ever since I sold Sally Hansen's Mystic Lilac, I've been regretting it. I want it back! Does that sound familiar? I think many of us who do purges end up regretting at least one or two of our beauties being gone.
Since I hadn't been able to find it, I decided to try my hand at frankening it - I did this based on the memory of what it looked like in my head.
I ended up with three very different bottles of purple lacquer. The one I'm posting today is the one I feel is closest to Mystic Lilac - but again, I'm not sure since I haven't seen it in quite a while. This one is more jelly for sure, and the "lilac" may not be quite the right shade. From what I remember about it, it was a smoky, greyed out lilac jelly with a beautiful subtle shimmer. I started off with Lacey Lilac from SH, added some Stormy from Revlon, lots of clear polish, and then I broke into my beloved bottle of Pure Ice Heart Breaker. I ended up using a whole bottle of it. O_o Luckily, I did find another bottle of it, but I don't dare add any more of it, because Heart Breaker is kind of hard to find right now. I don't know if they've discontinued it (like my beloved Purple Reign, sob) or if they're just not stocking it. Anyway, my first bottle was a bit too grey, so I added a few drops of Sinful Colors Verbena to it. Second bottle was too purple, so I added just a tiny bit more Stormy. Now I have a third bottle that I believe to be pretty close - and I love it! It's satisfying a lemming that I may not be able to get my hands on. If only I could franken Purple Gala.
This is VERY jelly. I used four coats here and I took about a million photos to try to get the shimmer to show up on camera, but without much luck. Let's have a look.

Okay, I deliberately kept this second photo absolutely huge, so that you can click to enlarge it and see the shimmer on the nail.

This macro is on the nail.

 And this one is from the bottle shot!

It looks like the shimmer gets completely lost on the nail when blogger resizes photos for the post. So please do click to enlarge the first two photos.
Alright, I named this, as I do all my frankens, after a song - I called it Into the Mystic after the Van Morrison song.
So of course I have to put it up here for your listening pleasure. I do love this man. ♥

I'm never quite satisfied with frankens, because I always feel like I could have done better. But I do love this. What do y'all think??
PS I've got to get some glitters swatched up, but I will have the next Focus On week coming up soon!


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