Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Afternoon!

Hope you guys are having a good day! I just had a few things I wanted to post.
First of all, I got the sweetest email from a reader named Allison. She wanted to show off her glitter-tastic manicure! For this she used Revlon's Blue Lagoon and FIVE coats of Milani Gems. Wow! I think this looks awesome. She said it wore like iron and it took her an hour to get off - I bet, that's a load of glitter! :) Thanks Allison for sharing this with me. She did give me permission to post her pictures, so here you go folks:

I'm amazed she was able to do that much cleanup - glitter's fun for migrating! But this looks great to me.
Okay, and one more thing - I've joined Facebook and I finally got my widget installed correctly on the blog, so you'll see I've added it to the right hand sidebar. You can now follow Nightly Nails through the Facebook fan page!
My regularly scheduled manicure post will go up at 8:00. 


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