Monday, July 25, 2011

New Series: With A Little Help From My Friends

Okay, so just a heads up: On Saturday, I'm going to have a new series starting here at Nightly Nails.
I've been blogging for quite a while - obviously, if you've been reading Nightly Nails for a while, you will know I had a previous nail polish blog before this, Magic Maid. I've met some amazing ladies in my journey through this, and I have been wanting to do this since before I shut down MM. I just never had time! I do now, so I'd been debating how I wanted to go about this and what I'd call it.
Since my girlfriends have been a huge support system for me, I thought I'd name it after the Beatles song. I don't think it could be more apt.
I hope that you'll enjoy learning a bit more about these bloggers, and my little tribute to them! This will be just the tiniest bit different than most interviews or questionnaires you may have seen. I have some questions I've emailed my ladies, and asked them for some photos, but I'll also be adding my own input with each of these lovely and interesting women.
And since this is just a short little introduction post, why not show you a video of the Beatles song?

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