Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reader Requests: Comparisons

I recently had a couple of requests to do comparisons, so I thought I'd put this one up for tonight's post. I'm trying to figure out what I'll be doing for my 4th of July manicure, still. We'll see if I'm capable of doing any dotting or striping!
Anyway. First, the ever so amazing Loodie asked to see a comparison between China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Essie's Ruby Slippers (side note: Loodie, I don't have Color Club's Ruby Slippers any more!) so:

Okay, if you click to enlarge this, you'll see how different they are - first of all, Essie is darker, and the glitter is larger. China Glaze is absolutely lovely on its own, but if you put it next to Essie, you can barely see the lovely glass fleck - the camera is focused on Essie! Kind of crazy amazing. If anyone's interested, I'll do a post of China Glaze Ruby Pumps on its own, so it can be showcased for the lovely it is. It fades out next to Essie's Ruby Slippers.
Next up, for my lovely friend Erika, a side by side of Revlon's Grapefruit Fizz and my all time favorite pink, OPI (LE for ULTA) Pink Me I'm Good.

Okay, so obviously PMIG is a deeper pink jelly than GF, and the glitter is straight up gold, without any shift. But they're sisters, I think you can see that! However, if you're lemming PMIG, you may still end up lemming it after looking at the side by side. Both are quite pretty!
If you have any comparison requests, I don't mind doing them - it's nice to see if something is a dupe or a sister, so you can make a decision if you *need* it.


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