Monday, July 18, 2011

Revlon Orange Fizz

Brace yourselves. I took a crapton of photos for Orange Fizz, and I was only able to narrow it down a little bit. Spam ahead!
Revlon's Orange Fizz is from the new summer scented display of jellies. Obviously, this is orange, with gold toned small flakies. I thought that these polishes had flakies rather than glass fleck, and I was able to see this really well with Orange Fizz. This. Is. STUNNING. I mean, it's dead on gorgeous. If you love orange, or if you're interested in trying orange, you NEED to run out and find this. The smell on this is like Orange Tang. Not really offensive to my nose, like a couple of the others.
The biggest problem I see many of you having with this is VNL (visible nail line). It's a jelly, for sure. I used four thin coats here, it didn't take forever to dry though thankfully. I still have VNL but that really doesn't bother me.
Because I was able to see clearly there were flakies here, I decided to see what it would look matte - and hello! AWESOME. (Whoa, I'm using a lot of capitalization for emphasis on this post.) I slapped a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic on it.
Okay, ready to see?

Wow, did you get a look at that macro? It looks like orange juice with pulp. Haha! Glowing.
Now that glitter week is over, I've got a lot of new Sinful Colors polishes to post for you - I had some requests to show off the rest of the Adventure Island collection, and I bought a few of the new Beverly Hills collection as well. Hopefully everyone's okay with the Sinful Colors spam this week.


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