Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Grey Area and China Glaze Latticed Lilac

Okay, I found Grey Area in a small display this past spring? I hadn't worn it yet! As a matter of fact, I probably haven't featured the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line much on this blog, and I quite like them. I like the brush, I like the bottle, I like the range of shades. I just wish they'd quit discontinuing my favorite shades! *coughmysticlilaccough* Well, Grey Area has a bit of a fall feel to it. It's a deep plum purple shade that's very dusty and greyed out. I used just two coats for this, coverage was good!
I'd been looking for something to try out my last China Glaze metallic Crackle I'd picked up, Latticed Lilac - and Grey Area seemed a likely candidate. I was right - it shows up perfectly over the darker plum base! I tried a diagonal crackle on my ring finger, and I think I like that pattern best. These metallic crackles are so lovely - and there's something almost lacey about the way they look. That's weird, but apt to me. I had no trouble with it being thick or hard to crack, either, like some of the creme crackles.

I kind of want the other metallic crackles, the three I got were so lovely.


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