Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sinful Colors Beverly Hills and Pure Ice Busted

Today's Sinful Colors is another namesake of the new collection, Beverly Hills. This is a pastel purple with quite a bit of red in it - I don't have anything like this, and I have a lot of lilac and pastel purples!
Again we have what I'm coming to see as Sinful Colors' signature formula, the jelly creme. Squishy and shiny, but well pigmented. The Beverly Hills collection comes with these little rings around the neck of the bottle, with a little flower. Kind of cute, but nothing I'd wear.
Now, I wanted to do some layering with this, so I pulled out Pure Ice Busted, which is a great layering polish. I'd only ever worn Busted over a black, so I was curious how it would look over a lilac. It's awesome! This is a super sheer purple with metallic shimmer packed in the bottle. I tried so hard to capture the pink shimmer on the nails, but you may have to click to enlarge the photos to see it.

I'll have to try this over some other colors! It's awesome. Do you have Busted? What have you layered it over besides black?


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