Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BB Couture Eye Candy: GUYS!

Phew. I haven't done swatches for a review in - well, forever! This will be my first collection swatch post on Nightly Nails.
BB Couture recently came out with a collection of polishes called Eye Candy, and as with the Infamous Lovers collection, it comes in two sets - ladies and guys. Today I have for you the guys! You can snag these at Overall Beauty.
I'll show individual shades off, and then I'll tell you my overall thoughts.

First up I've got Rustic Romance. This is the one Kim said she didn't like - but I knew I'd love it. The color description they've got is honey orange. I can see this, but I call it a dirty, grungy toned down orange. LOVE. Very unusual, and I don't have a single orange like this. This photo was in direct sunlight. I used two coats here and there is very subtle shimmer - you wouldn't notice it on the nail but when I was going through photos, my shade shots showed it. Unfortunately they weren't the correct color, so I chose the full sunlight.

Dirty Blond. Can I just say the name of this is perfect for this polish? Tan creme is the shade description, and I'd say that's dead on. This was the only one I wasn't sure I'd like, but I do - I love a good neutral shade and this is different from the ones I have. Slightly yellowy tan.

Heavenly Hunk. This is a light blue creme with BB Couture's famous fine silver and black glitter. I LOVE this. It's sort of like last Christmas' Blue Christmas, but much paler. Gorgeous. Two coats here.

Silver Fox. Shimmery silver gray, says the description - dead on. This is a silver grey creme with fine, lighter silver shimmer. I had to use three coats. Go slow with this and you won't see many brush strokes, although it has the potential. I love it!

This is my second favorite of this collection - Sexy Centerfold. Why, yes, you are sexy, sir! Muted light green creme with that silver and grey fine glitter. NOT mint at all. This was two coats. See, BB Couture has the most AMAZING greens ever and this is no exception.

BAM. Hellooooo, Playboy. You sexy beast. Oh em GEE is this freaking gorgeous or what? Hands down my favorite from the whole collection. This is a deep blue teal base with silvery blue and pinky purple fine glitter. Wow, that's a heck of a description. The glitter looks mainly silver on the nail, as you can see. Two coats here. My most color accurate photos were, again, in direct sunlight. 
Overall, what an interesting collection! I love all of these. Even Dirty Blond, I think it's an interesting shade for a nude. These are all unusual shades, nothing in my collection compares to them. The formula is standard across the board, very smooth and well pigmented. I had to be a bit careful with Silver Fox, as I mentioned, because it could have been prone to brush strokes, so I used thinner coats and three instead of two. I've always loved the BB Couture formula. 
These polishes are more pricey than a drugstore polish, but they do include BB Couture's formula of a base and top coat all in one bottle. I would, however, highly recommend doing a base coat under both Playboy and Sexy Centerfold, since they both left a bit of stain when I was swatching them. 
Of all of them, if I could only pick out one for you, I'd say you have to get Playboy. 
So what do you all think of these? Are you as in love with them as I am?

Disclosure: These were sent to me for review by the retailer in return for an honest review. 


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