Thursday, August 4, 2011

China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon)

Okay, so Mary of Swatch & Learn tells me there are two formulations of Flying Dragon - and I have the new one. Apparently the older version is more of a proper purple, where the new is definitely magenta leaning - this is a purple with a LOT of red in it!
Flying Dragon is billed as a neon, so in case you weren't aware, neons dry to a semi-matte finish. If you don't like that, simply slap on a shiny top coat like I did and you're good to go. In my opinion it's MUCH more stunning shiny - you're just not doing the polish justice and you probably won't like it matte. This has the most amazing pink and blue glitter in it. I am totally fangirling over this polish. If you like purple at all, you need this. Two coats here, and a direct sunlight photo as well as a macro.

Now. Everyone and their mom has probably heard polish bloggers complain about photographing purple, because we can NEVER GET IT PHOTO ACCURATE. I'm still in total awe that this came out exactly like it looks on my nails. I might die. Do you guys have this and love it? Do you have the older version, or the more red version?


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