Monday, August 29, 2011

China Glaze Midtown Magic

I have so many fall polishes I want to show you guys, so I'll be working on getting them swatched and posted over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that's okay with everyone!
I picked out five polishes from China Glaze Metro that I felt like I had to have. I ordered them from Victoria Nail Supply - I'll be posting a review on my experience tomorrow during the day, if you're interested! I want to have a look at the rest of the collection in person, I may pick up one or two more to fill "holes" in my collection.
Midtown Magic is the first of my Metro picks that I want to show you, and it's a beauty. I must have taken over a hundred photos of this, trying to capture the beauty, hopefully you'll like the ones I picked out!
Let's hope I can describe this finish, because it's complex and I hope I am seeing this right. The base is a dark purple red jelly - think wine - that is absolutely packed with greenish gold and red shimmer. Wow. I think I got that right! Although it's a jelly base, this gets opaque in two coats. Let me tell you something, if you remotely think you might need this polish, YOU DO. GET IT. It's absolutely stunning. It's really pretty, although dark and vampy, in low light, but when you get it in the sun - holy cats. It's sparkly and mesmerizing. Although I am loving all the olivey greens I've been seeing in fall collections, I'm just going to go ahead and say that this is probably my favorite polish from this fall's offerings.
My photos here are not as perfect as I'd hoped for, but I hope you'll be able to see the beauty of this. I included a direct sunlight photo that's for crap, but at least you'll be able to see how it sparkles and glows and absolutely lights up.
Enough raving.

Seriously, click on those and enlarge them. Do you love this or what? Did you pick out any of the Metro collection?


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